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of Choice


Gerad Kite

My podcast series where I cut to the chase with my guests about the reasons they get stuck, make poor choices and get in their own way. If you are ready for the unvarnished truth, then join me on this powerful journey of self-discovery.

The Power of Choice 

With Gerad Kite

What listeners are saying

Ann Kenrick

Gerad's gentle but probing questions and the honesty and openness of those he talks to make for rich and thought-provoking listening. I loved hearing from Jango!! Star of the show!!


I'm glad you interviewed an adult who is the result of egg donation. Whilst I did not use donation, there was a time when it was a consideration for me and all these views would have been so helpful at the time. 

Fearne Cotton

Loving these incredibly honest and powerful podcasts by Gerad Kite. 

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