Press quotes

"Gerad Kite, the Daddy of all Fertility Experts." 
Mail on Sunday Feb 2010

"Gerad - who has treated several A-listers at his London clinic - is an expert in unexplained infertility."
Grazia March 2010

"Today Kite, 48, runs arguably the most lauded acupuncture clinic in the

Sunday Telegraph March 2009

“At Kite Clinic there’s no need to fear needles, when the results are this

Vogue May 2007

“The charismatic and highly regarded Gerad Kite, specialises in fertility
problems and has had many success stories.”

Time Out May 2007

"I would not have been able to deal with the grief and subsequent stress
of IVF without Kite's support."

Guardian Feb 2008

“After a course of treatment at Kite Clinic you will feel better emotionally,
physically and spiritually.”

AXM January 2008

“Gerad Kite, hailed as the man who gets women pregnant because of his
amazing rate of success.”

Tatler July 2007

“I know nine women (aged 35-43) who consulted Kite as part of their
efforts to conceive after difficulties and only one faced disappointment.”

Independent January 2006

“After one treatment with Kite I felt an immediate sense of well-being.”
The Times November 2004

“We all got pregnant by the same man.”
Eve Magazine June 2006

“Of seven women I know who saw Kite in their quest to get pregnant, six
had a happy outcome.”

Telegraph May 2007

“Kite, London’s top health guru. Acupuncture master renowned for
helping couples to conceive.”

The London Paper January 2007

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