What are the five elements?

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the entire universe can be observed and experienced through the five elements as found in nature; Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal.

In humankind we can observe these elements manifesting in many different ways: for example - five pairings of organs, five distinct emotions, sounds, smells and colours. Each organ of the body corresponds to one of the elements, which in turn corresponds to one of the seasons of the year. The elements they are the five distinct phases through which all things pass from their beginning to their end.



Wood represents our capacity to be born and grow and is associated with the season of spring; it rises up with vision and determination
 to realise the plan of growth and renewal. Wood gives us the structure
 and flexibility to create our lives with hope and optimism, overcoming 
obstacles and creating our path.



Fire gives us the capacity to warm and open and is associated with the season of summer. It gives us warmth, the
 capacity to love and to be loved. It enables us to mature and blossom 
and its function is to help us relate. Here we find our passion, our ability 
to feel joy in all our endeavours. Feeling emotionally protected by love we communicate 
with openness and honesty.



Earth gives us the capacity to receive and be satisfied and is associated with the season of late summer and a time of harvesting. This element 
gives us the ability to nurture ourselves and others. By feeling centred and grounded it enables us to understand ourselves and sympathise with others without losing our sense of self. 



Metal gives us the capacity to see the quality and value of life and is associated with the season of autumn. It gives us our sense of self
 worth and a capacity to look at what lies beyond ourselves and the
 power to let go. 



Water gives the capacity to find our inner power and deepest sense of self. It is associated with the season of winter, pausing in time to regenerate
 and gather strength. Water gives us the power to adapt and the will and drive to fulfil
 the potential given to us at birth. 


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